About Us

Wise QC is led by the former CEO of Tangent Solutions, a public company.  While CEO at Tangent Solutions, the EBS division performed more than 2,000 mortgage QC file reviews per month.  Our current personnel at Wise QC have more than 50 years of combined mortgage experience.

Wise QC ‘s client base consists of Community Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Banks throughout the United States.

Wise QC, originally began operations in 1994. The new management took control in October, 2010 and has since converted its operations to a modern platform.  Now, we fully utilize FullCircle® Software, which streamlines our operations for speed and quality.  We have been praised for the quality of our findings, reports and the speed at which we deliver our audits.

Wise QC provides post-closing QC reviews to its clients along with other QC reviews of various types, such as, portfolio analysis, early payment default reviews (EPD), declined and withdrawn loan reviews, fraud reviews and appraisal desk reviews.  The process includes importing of loan data, random selection of loans, setting up all audit data, issuing reverification documents as required, tracking all documents, pulling new credit reports, completing all necessary checklist questions, issuing exception memos, completing appraisal desk reviews, and producing final reports including trending reports, as necessary.

All of our audits contain a guaranteed thirty (30) day turnaround from the time we receive the loan files.  We can receive the files electronically via email, on a mailed diskette or mailed hard copies of files.  All hard copies of files are shredded at the completion of the audits and all electronic file transfers are always password protected.

We are located in South Florida, and although most of our clients are in the Southeast United States, we do business throughout the USA with clients as far away as Washington State.